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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Soooo my laptop crashed after I posted my last freebie. My PC did that earlier last month and I've been procrastinating in getting it fixed and I lost both. So BESTBUY took 3 weeks to get it fixed; well 1 week really. I guess they're too cheap to afford regular mail and they've got to put it on one of their trucks to make the drive out to UNKNOWN, CALIFORNIA.

It took them 6 days to ship it to cali and then 8 days to ship it back! I mean seriously! And they worked on it for ONE DAY!! the other couple of days was spent waiting to be processed and just waiting in line to get fixed. And when I ask several people (4) people at bestbuy, they all didn't know where their service center in California was located at.

*sigh* I was super annoyed by them in the end. Nonetheless, I picked up my puter on Sunday evening and I've been working like a madwoman trying to find my filters and plugins, old bookmarks to excellent digi scapping resources, FONTS! I lost a ton of fonts. :(

So just give me a couple days to get back into the swing of things. I did a tag offer on my myspace profile and LOL it took me like an hour to make 10 tags! I used to whip them out in like 20 minutes but hehe :"> Ive got to get used to working my programs again. :"> If you haven't already, add me on myspace!!

Soooo glad to be back online! =)




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