Monday, November 15, 2010

New CU Template - Merry Christmas Wordart

my first of several more Christmas CU products I am working on. I'm currently working on getting this into a script. Have it done, just need to work out a couple bugs before I release it. =)
oh! I also wanted to ask if there are any peeps out there who have experience with script testing. I have the PSP12.5 so I know it works with the 13. I need 4 people who could regularly test scripts for me. One person with version 8, one for 9, one for 10 and one for 11. I need people who know how to run scripts without instruction so its no fuss, no muss. =)

I have to get around to rounding up some people for a Creative Team of my own as well. Anyone interested? Again, I need people who write tutorials regularly and perhaps already belong to a reputable designer's creative team. I'm looking to start out with maybe ... 3 people. And see where it goes from there.

and finally my template. I've uploaded it to all 3 of my stores. Links are below as well as my preview.

thanks for visiting! =)

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