Sunday, September 22, 2013

Illegal Sharing in Yahoo Groups

Sunday Soapbox -
Please report any and all links to the websites that are hosting my scrapkits that are being shared illegally. It is totally not cool for anyone to be doing that to a designer. We spend our own money to pay for CU items to make those kits. Doesnt it make you feel like sh*t if someone goes into your home and steals something? Like they have no respect for you and your things. This is the same thing. Are you so desperate for scrapkits that you would resort to stealing it? Dont be an a$$hole, do the right thing and purchase it like someone with a moral compass in the right direction. Stop being the scum of the scrapbooking world and do something worthwhile with your life instead of just turning O2 into CO2. *SIGH*
thanks to everyone who forwarded me links and looking out for me.  Please report any links you may find. And for other designers, here is the group that has been sharing my kits and you may find yours or others you may know.
report the group so they may slink back into the snake hole they crawled out of.

To the owner of the group, send a message to your members to delete all my stuff from their file sharing websites or I will have my attorney contact you. I have your email addresses and IP addresses, it is very easy to find you so do not think you're invisible and anonymous.

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