Sunday, August 28, 2011

NEW CU Products :: Cute Ghouls Series

for those of you who know me, know Halloween if my favorite holiday! :)
I've got a ton of things I'm working on for halloween and this is the first of many more things to come.
I call the following lil cuties, "Cute Ghouls".
I haven't decided at this point if I will make them into scripts. I'm not very good at scripts and takes up too much of my time. I dont know. maybe. hehe
so I've uploaded all of them to my stores.
right now, they (along with all my other products) are $1! the sale ends next wednesday - which brings me to this next thing. I have a bundle of the templates which will be priced at $7 with a sale price of $5.
the bundle is only available at Designer Scraps. however, if you purchase the 4 individually, they will be cheaper than the bundle BUT only until wednesday. so grab them while they're cheap! :)

you can find links to my stores in the column to the right.
Scraps With Attitude will be closing on wednesday as well so I'll be back down to being in only 2 stores.
Still looking for a new home. :) any store owners having a designer call?

okie dokie, have a great sunday. :)

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