Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's Go to the Fair! - NEW PTU/PU Kit!

So I had the idea to do this forever and just didn't get enough time to do it. . . or rather I was just lazy. LOL Anywho, I'm going to make some alpha to accompany the kit and also a couple freebie frame cluster or something of the sort. I'll post those in the next few days.

I'm going to make the cost of the kit $2 but will tack on the extra $0.50 for paypal fees.
There are 85 elements and 20 papers in the kit. I'm rethinking the papers or rather want to make better ones so I'll prolly make some new ones to accompany the kit as a freebie add-on as well. I made a couple of the elements myself from scratch but had enormous help from fabulous designers. You can see a list of them in my Special Thanks note in the kit.

The kit is for personal use only and do not share it with anyone else. All the elements are not included in the preview but it gives you an idea of what will be in the kit.

Thanks for looking!
=) Wy of LKD

Click the thumbnails below to see fullsize preview of the kit.

Thanks so much! =)

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